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War Horse Tribute Memorial Contribution Request

1918 / 2018 It’s been 100 years since the end of World War I.

This project would allow Findlay, Ohio to be a part of the fund raising for the “War Horse Memorial” Statue in England. By helping in the funding of the large War Horse Memorial we will receive one of only 100 small replica statues that will ever be made.

We helped our allies in World War I, we can help again in 2018! 

Let’s bring one home !

The plan is to  place this statue on a pedestal at the Hancock County War Memorial. It's  size is about 16" to 20" high, so lighting the base will allow the shadow to project on the brick wall as a reminder of these animals quiet sacrifice.

With your donation you can help us bring one home. Please designate to "War Horse" in the special instructions when you donate at the Donate to War Horse at CCECIMPORTANT use the "Add special instructions to the seller" and enter the words "War Horse" !

We have an opportunity 100 years later to show our allies we still support them in the larger War Horse Memorial installation to be unveiled in England in June, 2018. These smaller tribute statues are being cast as a limited edition of 100 to help raise funds to cover the costs of the much larger installation. Findlay, Ohio may be the first and possibly the only location outside of the UK to purchase one. It’s a limited edition art work by equestrian artist Susan Leyland. We are hoping you can contribute to this cause and support a memorial in Findlay, Ohio. The US sent almost 1 million horses overseas. Another 182,000 went with our troops. Only 200 may have returned after the war. Most died in battle, starved or had to be left behind. Let us bring one home and place it in an area of remembrance.

We are trying to raise at least $50,000 to support the cause of the statue, shipping and secured display, but also to help Challenged Champions Equestrian Center as they are the stewards of the horses today!

Visit this link to see the actual War Horse Memorial we are helping to fund in England. The War Horse Memorial

NOTE - All funds raised above the needed amount for the War Horse Tribute statue will stay with Challenged Champions Equestrian Center. If enough funds are not raised in time for this effort in 2018, funds raised will stay with CCEC program. All donations are tax deductible.

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