Margie Shoop

I am inspired by the horse as art, as pet, as friend, and as an athlete.
My passion is to deliver beautiful images of the horse.

All the images on this site are available for purchase. If you have any issues choosing the right cropping to get an image the size you want for display, please contact me. 

Why I do this ~ 


They are a passion laid on my heart. The joy I get when it all comes together, lighting, shape, the story. Horses are the quiet, powerful, athletic, elegant, muse that I run to!

Each horse and rider have a story. They speak volumes without saying a word.

I shoot to capture that one moment that means something eternal in that relationship. I will never stop, I always work to improve. This is true in my own riding, and my art. I am not great, I am not a natural talent - I work hard ! I practice, practice, learn, fail, start over, try and pray.

I am thankful to God for blessing this kid from the city and a poor family with the courage to pursue this vision. Capture the horse. 

I am very grateful to the Fox-Pitt Eventing Team for always allowing me to shoot William and the horses. Each year I get a little better and have become a huge fan of William and his unique insight into the horse, the rider and the sport. 

I can be available for photoshoots depending on location. Contact me for session information. Use the icons on the far right to contact me via email and other social media connections.